Solutions for Internet Service Providers

Across the world, national governments are mandating, and law enforcement agencies are demanding similar interception capabilities for Internet based services as they are common for circuit-switched communication networks. Utimaco LIMS provides several access and service specific solutions for Internet Service Providers.



Email Interception

As illustrated in the example above e-mail interception is commonly realized with passive probes (passive Interception Access Point), that operate on a copy of the entire e-mail traffic of a provider. Depending on the interception capabilities of the e-mail server an active approach is feasible in some cases. If encrypted e-mail protocols (e.g. POP3s, SMTPs, IMAPs) are used each user session needs to be decrypted by a LIMS Decoder before active or passive filtering can take place.


Voice Interception

Lawful interception of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) follows a two step process, as VoIP signaling is separated from the VoIP content. At first the signaling needs to be monitored at a softswitch (VoIP call agent) for the interception of call events of a person under surveillance. With the detected address and routing information a network router or media gateway can then be provisioned to capture the communication content of the associated user session. The latter presumes that the operator of the LI system has access to both, the signaling and content the VoIP call.